2019 Conference Meet


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Team Points

Individual Points

Age Group Points

Record Breakers

Summary Totals

Leap – Springbrook

Spirit – Sun Valley

LSC Records as of 7-30-19

Eligibility for Lafayette Swim Conference Championship Meet is determined by reference to the Contra Costa County Championship Swim Meet eligibility rules and is limited to bonafide members of a participating swim team that have competed in a minimum of 2 dual meets (or comparable events) for their entered club prior to the Lafayette Swim Conference Championship Meet. The Lafayette Swim Conference Championship is intended for recreational swimmers, not year round swimmers. There shall be a penalty of 18 points for each occurrence of a team allowing an ineligible swimmer to enter either an individual event or a relay.

Age: Swimmers enter the meet according to their age on June 15, 2019. Each swimmer must swim in the appropriate age group for individual events. Swimmers may move up an age group only for participation in relay teams. Any swimmer moving up an age group for one relay must compete in the higher age group in all relays. The senior age group for this meet shall be 15-18

Number of Events: Each swimmer may swim in three individual events of his/her choice (free, breast, back, fly, or IM). There is no IM for the 6 & under age group. Each club is limited to one team per relay.


Individual Events
Championship Heat: Medals to 1st – 10th place finishers.
Consolation Heat: Ribbons to 11th – 20th place finishers.
Relay Events: Medals to swimmers on 1 st – 3 rd place finishers. Ribbons to swimmers on 4th – 5th place finishers.
High Point: Trophies to the top boy and girl in each age group based on total points scored in individual events. Ties will result in multiple awards.
Outstanding Relay Teams: Plaques awarded to the most outstanding boy and girl relay teams. To qualify, the team must set a new LSC record by the largest difference. (In the case of multiple records set, the award will go to the team with the largest improvement over the previous record determined by comparing finishing times to previous meet records.)
Heat Winners: Ribbons to preliminary heat winners aged 10 and under.
Participants: Ribbons to all 10 and under swimmers.
Record Breakers: A blue rosette to any swimmer who breaks or ties a Championship Meet record.

Team Awards
Team Championship: Champion plaque to the team with the highest combined individual and relay points across all age groups. 2nd and 3rd place plaques will also be awarded.
Points per Swimmer: Trophy to the team with the highest result when dividing total team points by total number of entered swimmers. 2nd and 3rd place winners will be announced but no award given.
Pop Time Award: To the team with the highest percentage of Pop Times per individual events swum in the preliminary races. For example, if a team has 100 seeded entries, and the seed time is improved in 75 of those races, the Pop Time percentage would be 75%.
LSC Leap Award: To the team with the highest result when dividing current year team points by prior year team points. 2nd and 3rd place winners will be announced but no award given.
➢ Spirit Award: Awarded to the most “Spirited” team leading up to and at the conference championship meet. Each LSC board member will evaluate and vote on one of three categories: Spirit Apparel, Decorations/Cheering, and Spirit Week Activity. Board members will rank teams 1st (3 points), 2nd (2 points), 3rd (1 point) in their specific category. All teams will earn 3 bonus points for good sportsmanship. Any team found in violation of the LSC code of conduct will not receive bonus points. The team with the highest score wins.

Awards will be given out at a ceremony at the conclusion of the Meet. No awards will be distributed during the meet. Meet results and awards details will be posted on  lafayetteswim.org.

Individual Events:
Championship Heat – 24 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13
Consolation Heat – 11 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Relay Events:
A Only – 48 42 40 38 36